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CV for Arne Katholm

Arne Katholm is a playwright, songwriter and lyricist, writing in Danish and English. He holds a Ph.D from The University of Aarhus, and he is the author of several books on theatre. Since 1983 he’s a member of Playwrights Guild in Denmark.

After being engaged with the fringe-theatres during the seventies (a.o. the legendary Solvognen), and touring Denmark with a band, he began writing professionally for the stage in the beginning of the eighties, and he’s written more then a dozen plays, musicals and revues.

His very first play, “Fredsspillet” (The Peace Play), was produced in Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. He was awarded by Danish Songwriters Guild for his revue ”Alle mand til Pumperne” in 1989. Nominated in Revue of the Year in 1991, for best number. Together with the composer Tatiana Henriksen he was nominated in the category “Best Song” at the Musical of the Year, International Musical Contest in 1996, and broad-cast in Danish TV. (Musical Direction: David Firman.)

In 1999-2000 he was “Artist in Residence” in Bangalore, India, to write the libretto for a cross-cultural dance-drama. Four of the songs for this musical “Devadasi”, was recorded on a CD in Amid Heri’s studio “Earth Music” in Bangalore.

Presently he’s working on a grant from Danish Songwriters Guild to develope new musical material together with composer Jan Overgaard.

He began writing The White Goddess back in the nineties. In an early version it had a reading in London in 1995, and in 1997 it was chosen for a workshop at Manitoba Association of Playwrights, Canada. In 1998 it received positive script reports from Paines Plough, National Theatre (Jack Bradley) and Theatre Royal Stratford East, though it was still without music and a work in progress. In 2000 he got a grant from The Danish Literary Council to finish the libretto in London, and prepare it for the stage. He rewrote the script again in 2002-2003, added new songs, and thought it ready to meet an audience, which happened at the show-case at Drill Hall, London, in 2004. Once again he rewrote it, getting much needed help from director and theatre artist Nina Larissa Bassett, and now it's finally reaedy to go into production.